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Shrenik Steel” is one of the prominent rising manufacturer, distributor and exporter of Alley Steel Bar in India. We are conducted to produce the large quantity of alloy steel bar and all other types of alloy steel products. Other than these products we used to manufacture an alloy steel seamless pipe, alloy steel butt-welds pipe fitting, alloy steel forged fittings and alloy steel flanges and many more. It gives long term durability, adaptability and it is also cost effective. Due to efficient production techniques our company is the best manufacturer and supplier in India. We are one of the most diversified manufacturing of specialized form of alloy steel bar and other alloy steel products.


Our products are made with the special quality of alloy steel, mixture of chromium, molybdenum and vanadium. These materials lead to make the complete quality of finished product which can be featured with a high tensile and high power. The abundant ovation and orders from domestic as well as international consumers is an impact evidence of our product quality & reliability.


We sell a wide range of alloy steel bar products with various sizes to accomplish the client's requirements. We enable prompt delivery, competitive prices and the quality assurance of products. In addition to alloy steel products, our uncompromising approach towards service has enabled us to dispatch ordered products to your esteemed facility within prospected time, with the defined size and standard that will undeniably surpass your expectations.   


We at “Shrenik Steel” always striving to conclude the access in exhaustive range carried out adopting technologically advanced processes concentrating high strength industrial application requirement worldwide. 

Glimpse of Alloy Steel that we are using to manufacturer alloy steel bar and other products:

The different alloying element has a particular effect on the properties of a stainless steel, thereby to impart some specific properties required for the industrial application, we as an alloy steel bar manufacturer has used Chromium (Cr), Molybdenum (Mo) and Manganese (Mn) elements leverage its extraordinary properties like:
  • Chromium (Cr)
  • Molybdenum (Mo)
  • Manganese (Mn)

Chromium is one of the commendable elements that increase corrosion resistance of the subjective metal when mixed with the specific amount of the chromium as well as increase the resistance to oxidation at high temperatures. Additionally, this chromium is responsible for the bright, silvery finish.

Molybdenum is an element boasting high melting temperature among all the elements, when mixed with steel and cast irons, improves temperature strength, hardenability, weldability, toughness and corrosion resistance of the alloy steel.

The irresistible traits of manganese have made it the most common element finding in the commercially made steels, which is able to reduce the crucial cooling rate during hardening, hence increases hardenability and tensile strength of steel much more efficiently than any other alloying element.

Applications of our alloy steel bar:  

Our alloy steel bars and other alloy steel products are variedly used in many areas, they are as under;

Railways: In railway, various types of alloy steel equipments are necessary to be used in the engines, loading compartments, in spare parts to train and much more. For that our products are aptly suitable in railways.

Chemical: In chemical procedures various types of researches are conducted with the help of alloy steel bars and with other types of alloy steel equipments.

 Mining: In Mining industry in numerous types of machines are to be conducted to use, in that list alloy steel bars also playing a vital role to fulfill the major necessity of various works attended by a mining industry.

Construction: At the construction site huge variety of materials and machineries are to be used to build the buildings, in that case major kinds of alloy steel materials are widely used for construction purpose.

Defense: In the defense sector, there is a tremendous amount of weapons are requisite, and that should be made with the help of alloy steel bars and various types of alloy materials because of long term durability.

Medical: There are thousands of surgeries are undertaken by the medical sector. Varied types of surgical equipments are formed with the help of alloy steel materials for better tenacity in the equipments.

General engineering: Our products are frequently useful for many kinds of industries. At engineering based industries, there is the bulk volume of machineries are to be used for a long run, for this purpose our alloy products are extensively used.

Automotive: In these field diverse kinds of engines, motors are to be used in a huge number. For this purpose our alloy steel bars are to be undertaken to fulfill the requirements.

 Aerospace: Huge projects of aircrafts, missiles, spacecraft, etc are to be operated by the aerospace industries, for this effort our alloy steel materials are variedly used.


Application Scope of our Alloy Steel Bar:

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