Quality Control

We as a team collaboratively work to achieve best in class quality alloy steely by controlling incoming raw material and ensuring conformation of the product with standard regulation and customer specification.

Quality in product is a direct way to customer satisfaction and that we ensure by adhering to the quality control regime, carried out by a dexterous team of the quality analyst in order to procure best possible quality of alloy steel bar by adopting a world class manufacturing process in conjunction with inputting finest quality raw material. Consequently, the manufactured product also undergoes stringent quality checks at the modern technological laboratory equipped with the all essential testing machineries:
Chemical Tests

Chemical test is unavoidable in order to ensure the conformity of the chemical composition with the required specification limits. This entire testing occurs under the modernized laboratory armed with an optical emission spectrometric analyzer, infrared gas analyzers and other analogous machinery which is crucial for testing of the chemical composition.

Mechanical Test

The several mechanical tests are carried out by the team on both hot as well as cold steel samples, incorporating the tensile test, heat treatment tests, hardness test, high temperature test, stress rupture test and impact test to make sure its tensile strength, hardness and impact of temperature.

Non Destructive Test

In order to ensure impeccable quality inspecting internal defects is an essential step that we carried out by ISO 9712 certified operators, performing variegated testing covering magnetic particle testing, ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant testing, visual testing and eddy current testing. However, the selection of testing solely depends after examining the final surface condition of the subjective alloy steel bar.